Creating a fun work environment

What makes a company fun to work for? Is it the perks, money, or company events? The companies that top the list of Best companies to work for are Google, SAS & CHG Healthcare. These companies create a culture of fun, learning and knowledge sharing. To these employers, work is supposed to be serious, not fun and games. You’ve worked in these offices before: bland color schemes, basic modular design, very quiet, with stone-faced employees typing away on their computers. The environment is enough to drive even the socially avoidant personality crazy, but it doesn’t have to remain so. Management can re-create an environment to motivate employees and bring ‘Happy’ back.

When managers create a fun and challenging work culture employees become more engaged. As a result, they become more aligned with the company’s mission and values.  Likewise, when people are in good spirits, they are more likely to be productive. Productivity is what drives growth. What are you doing to drive growth today?


If you need advice on incorporating fun ideas into your workplace, email me @


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