Giving employees the ‘freedom’ to choose

One of my best jobs was when I had the freedom to choose how to do my job, this involved how to solve problems and create long-term solutions. It made me feel like I was making a real contribution and I was more engaged in my work. I love to solve problems so for me I didn’t feel I was working but doing something I loved to do.

 Research has shown that employees are more engaged and motivated when their work is aligned with their own passions. Therefore, giving each employee freedom to determine how he or she will manage their day is critical to their success. 

 The need for autonomy comes from a desire to feel in control of your own day. When employees feel that their activities are self-chosen, there’s a sense of self-determination and freedom, which brings satisfaction. There is also a feeling of moving forward. One of the best ways to stimulate growth in your company is to create an autonomous culture for your employees.

 When employees have more autonomy over their individual workloads, the organization will reap the benefits. Satisfied employees are more likely to be productive, which contributes to overall business growth. Autonomy can also help build a strong corporate culture that values the work of individuals and creates a sense of job security.

 More autonomy equals company growth, more satisfied workers, higher retention and lower turnover rates. What more can you ask?

 The question today is how are you creating autonomy in your workforce?


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