Effectiveness of employee surveys

Employee surveys are utilized as a communication tool to provide insight and understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. The most frequently used employee satisfaction and engagement surveys are measured to see how employees view the business. Some companies do yearly surveys, while others do them after restructuring takes place.

 How can employers be certain that the results are accurate, complete and practical? Often times, employers end up with results that can be slightly misleading due to poor planning, design and people who aren’t equipped with the knowledge or skills to create them.  But how well do surveys actually work and can they serve as an effective learning tool for companies?  If your company decides to use surveys in an effective way to achieve desired results, then two key points should be taken into account when planning a survey:

  • Determine the purpose of the survey and the information being gathered. This will help establish what specific types of info are needed to run the survey.
  • Consider what action will take place after the results. Conducting surveys creates expectations that something will happen and a change will take place. Not taking action will bring negative consequences and will reduce management’s credibility.

 Communication is key to an effective survey, which means communicating with your employees, before, during and after. It’s important to be truthful, identify the proper actions to take based on the survey results and above all implement the actions.


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