Top Leadership traits

Being a leader requires more than having a vision and leading people. It involves being able to connect emotionally with others. When I think of the top bosses I’ve had, they all had several traits in common that fell more on the humanistic side. I call it the 3 E’s of leadership:

  • Engagement
  • Empathy
  • Encouragement

My top bosses were able to engage with their employees by fostering an environment of open communication and possessing great listening skills. If an employee had an issue, there was freedom of opinion without fear of retribution. Another trait they possessed was empathy, which involved genuine concern for employees’ needs. Let’s face it; every employee has a personal and professional life. Therefore, if an employee’s personal issues started affecting their job responsibilities, the manager showed compassion. For example, an employee was allowed personal days off and necessary coverage was provided by other team members. Lastly, these bosses always encouraged employees in reaching goals, whether it was a personal achievement or team achievement. They encouraged continuing education as well as advancement opportunities within the organization.

 ImageIn short, being a great leader goes above trying to reach a financial quota and/or company goals, it’s about having a sincere connection with your employees. When this is mastered, you’ll be forever remembered in those employees’ minds. Above all, effective leadership goes a long way in employee engagement and productivity. This is the backbone of an organization’s bottom line towards customer satisfaction and growth.


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