Employee onboarding: A necessary process


According to a survey by International Data Corporation, U.S. and U.K. employees cost businesses an estimated $37 billion every year because they do not fully understand their jobs. This is why effective onboarding is vital in helping workers understand their roles and the company they work for, significantly cutting these losses. Successful employee onboarding has a positive effect on organizations such as making employee feel welcome and prepared giving them the confidence and resources to make a contribution within the organization and allowing the company to reach its goals. However, formal employee orientations have become obsolete in today’s organizations.  The last few positions I’ve held, there was no formal training or orientation covering the company or position. I’ve had to jump in and learn the ropes solo. How could I as an employee contribute to a company I knew nothing about. Onboarding is a great way for new employees to learn about the company, it’s mission, values, and processes in order to contribute as a good employee. This is when employees develop knowledge and skills and are equipped to perform their job duties. Nonetheless, the process can seem overwhelming for managers and employees, however the benefits are seen in the areas of employee engagement and process improvement. Overall, employee onboarding is a critical process in both individual and organizational development and establishes a foundation for future success. How is your company’s onboarding process?



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