Process Improvement or People Improvement?


Standard processes are an essential requirement for any company seeking to continuously improve. All continuous improvement methods influence learning to achieve better results from business efforts. According to Merriam Webster, a process is defined as a “series of actions or operations conducing to an end.” Processes should be written and used to guide consistency in daily operations.  Organizations frequently spend excessive time in meetings towards the goal of process improvement when it’s the actual employees who need improvement. Although processes are vital to an organization’s growth, they serve no purpose if employees aren’t following them.  If your organization has employees who aren’t following process and rather do things their own way, it’s time to take stock and evaluate your workforce. There needs to be a decision on whether these employees are contributing or taking away from your company’s mission. I recently read about Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, who fires employees who don’t fit into the company culture. If more companies followed this principle, they would start to see increases in productivity, customers and profits.


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