Why Mentoring Matters




  • A trusted counselor or guide

A mentoring relationship can be very effective for those who need guidance climbing the ranks in corporate America. Many effective mentoring relationships provide an opportunity for both parties to learn from each other through the development of a professional relationship. There are employees who have potential yet lack certain knowledge or skills to advance. A mentor should be chosen on the basis of someone who can guide your career development and is committed to the company’s goals. Therefore, a more experienced executive who has conquered obstacles is an important characteristic of mentorship. Some companies have formal mentoring programs that pair a young employee with a more experienced worker where specific objectives are set.  

 An employee can benefit from a mentor in the following ways:

  • Develop specific skills and knowledge relevant to professional goals
  • Expand leadership abilities
  • Gain professional advice

Mentors can enjoy the benefits of helping as well by learning more about other areas within the organization as well as gaining satisfaction in sharing their knowledge with others.

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